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Our suite of programmes

With our unique blend of auidio and presention, this can be enjoyed on the move, whilst walking the dog or relaxing at home or a combination of both. You choose.

The 12 Step Anti-Anxiety Plan

  1. Complete over a time and pace to suit yourself
  2. 12 step process, each lasting 20 mins each
  3. Start seeing results straight away
  4. Money back guarentee

The 3 step refresh programme

  1. A budget quick start designed to tale place over an afternoon
  2. 45 minuites of quality coaching 

The 12 Step get back on your feet programme

Designed to help you back on your feet in no time. 

The Resilience Builder

One of the most effective tools in your armoury as a human being. Whether you are eighteen or one hundred and eighteen, this simple yet effective course will change your life.

A favourite with both individuals and corporate clients, this course will serve you well both in your business and personal life.

Corporate Events

With significant experience in presenting to the biggest businesses in the land, Xander is available to hire for your coporate event, workshop or away day. Contact now for rates and availability.

About me

Hello! I do exist and I'm not a random robot. I live near Liverpool in the United Kingdom and live with my family and dog. I'm nothing special, in fact I'm very ordinary. Indeed, I have been hailed "a complete incompetent idiot" But! And here's the thing. I'm a complete and utter incompetent idiot with a system that not only works, it changes lives. How? Sign up to find out

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