Here below we at Kerveball have tried to answer honestly and in good faith the common questions we are asked on a daily basis:

1. Are you professionally qualified?


No. I would go as so far to describe myslef as an unqualified, clueless idiot. However, this idiot has found a way to illimiate worry, stress and anxiety


2. Are you trying to convert me?

To what exactly? Kerveball respects all religions, races, creeds, and all humans. Period.


3. Then how come you have suceeded where professionals and the worlds elite have failed?


By undertaking nearly 50 years of research. True, I dont have a PHD, or even a high school diploma but I do have plenty of experience.


4. This is a joke, a gimmic surely?


No. On the contary, we at Kerevball wholeheartedly believe in the process.


5. Who is welcome to join?


The only condition of entry is that you a human being capable of breathing


6. Do I need to stop taking my medication?


Are you serious? This is a system run by an clueless idiot. Dont be daft! Listen to your Doctors for goodness sake!


7. Is this a con?



8. Why should I trust you?


You dont have to. You just need to give it a go


9. This is a scam isnt it?




10. Isn't that what all scammers say?


True. But, what really are you putting at risk? Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. But for the record. No.


11. What happens if it doesnt work?


What happens if it does?


12. You really are a clueless unqualified idiot arent you?


Yes. Yes I am. With a system that works.


13. Why are you doing this?

Well, I would like to dedictae my life to reducing stress and anxiety and make a living for my family in doing something I love.