The ultimate resource for the over 50's experiencing Boredom, Loneliness, Frustration and Absence of Energy and Cash!

Has life thrown you a Kerveball in your 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's or even nineties?

Kerveball ; definition;-"something in one's life which is unexpected, surprising, or disruptive."

"If you want to give God a good laugh show him your plans!"

The only certainty in life is uncertainty and this is what Kerveball is all about. It is a set of resources aimed specifically at the over 50's to help you get control of that uncertainty; to help you overcome those bumps in the roads if you will.

Whether that be learning a new hobby, voluntering or gaining a much needed new income stream, we are here to help both online and at a local centre near you.

Catch the Kerveball and throw it right back!









Why is Kerveball for you?

  • Meet like minded people in your area
  • Build new life long friendships
  • Feel part of a community that cares about one another
  • Bring your skills to the table
  • You are NOTSHY! Not On The Scrap Heap Yet, so, if you feel that you have still sooo much to give society, this is the place for you

For the toughest of life's mountains to climb, let Kerveball be your guide

START enjoying life again!

The aim of Kerevball is to give you practical TOOLS to cope with daily life. It isn't a theortetiocal programme, its a PRACTICAL one.

This programme will revolutionise your life.

START TODAY to see the difference to your life.